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Damocles VR Devlog #1: Humble Beginnings

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Damocles, Devlog

Welcome to the first blog post for Damocles VR, a FPS Tower Defense set during an alien invasion. In Damocles, you are tasked with mounting the resistance to an intergalactic invasion where humanity was completely by surprise. 

Activated after the initial wave from a hidden bunker you must strike out against invasion hotspots by drop pod deployed remote controlled construction avatars called SWRDs while gathering enough resources and technology to beat back the invaders. The game is composed of two pillars, the Bunker which acts as a hub and the Topside where the action takes place. 

In the Bunker you will be able to research new technologies using field intelligence, modify your SWRD loadouts, study the on-going conflict, and deploy SWRDs to hotspots. 

Topside is where the action happens, and the drop pod deployed SWRDs can establish a base of operations to gather resources and beat back the local invasion. 

Once topside you will be given a small window to construct a base using the wrist-mounted UI to deploy barricades, turrets, and mining rigs to keep the operation moving forward. However all this activity will catch enemy attention and it won’t be long before they’re swarming your position to root you out. 

Hopefully this log gives you a good overview of the direction we want to take with Damocles, we’re excited to make progress on this project and encourage you to check back often as we plug away at making this one of the best FPS TDs in VR.