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Damocles VR Devlog #2: Home Sweet Home – The Bunker

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Damocles, Devlog

Welcome the 2nd development log for Damocles VR, a FPS Tower Defense set during an alien invasion. This week we’ll be talking about the Bunker is where players will take a breather from the chaos of the topside. The Bunker is composed of several sections for players to explore, they are the Lab, Armory, Command Center, and Control Pod. 

The Lab provides research of new weapons and defensive emplacements made possible by the introduction of alien alloys in the initial stages of the invasion. When Earth was invaded, the subsequent counterstrike by Earth’s defenses destroyed countless enemy motherships sending debris scattering for thousands of miles across the globe seeding alien minerals in every nook and cranny. These minerals have been slowly leeching nutrients from the soil and forming mineral clusters which makes them useful as both building material and high energy power source. 

In the Armory, Players can modify their SWRD weapon and defense loadouts including testing weapons on the range, these weapons provide tactical diversity to players to complement their defenses and range from pistols to shoulder-mounted missile launchers. 

The Command Center allows players overview the current progress of their resistance to the mysterious alien threat as well as track sorties, this is also where players can select random hotspots to react to. 

Finally, players can deploy into combat via the Control Pod, this is the heart of the bunker where you jack into the SWRD as it makes its descent into the mission area via a drop pod launched from secret factories scattered around the globe.