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Damocles VR Devlog #3: Life Above Ground – The Topside

by | Jun 27, 2020 | Damocles, Devlog

    Welcome the 3rd dev log for Damocles VR, a FPS Tower Defense set during an alien invasion. This week we’ll be talking about the Topside where the action takes place. Once your loadout is finalized and your current mission selected you will jack into the control pod which will activate SWRD via high altitude launch. 

    This will send players into combat zones via rapid deployment in a drop pod which also acts as a high power control antenna for the SWRD. Once the antenna hits the ground the doors will pop open allowing them into the battlespace. Typically the deployment of a SWRD alerts local enemy presence to the location of the player only allowing a small window of time for players to establish a base of operations around their control tower. 

    Players are encouraged to build walls and other defensive emplacements to prevent the loss of their control antenna from enemy attack but their SWRD is equipped with a weapon loadout can stop a gap in the defenses in a pinch and event mount spirited offense when the tide of enemies abates. Every location will be different and adapting to the terrain will be critical for success but typically your initial deployment zone will allow for enough space for ample defenses to be deployed to protect your Control Antenna.

    Taking advantage of natural chokepoints, uneven terrain, and the high ground will ensure your survival. The Topside can range anywhere from dense urban environments, idyllic suburbia, sparse countryside, or deep in the hinterlands allowing for a wide range of diverse environments. The ability to deploy a SWRD anywhere on the face of the global to combat this alien menace means that any sort of environment can serve as the battleground for fight for humanity’s survival and may even include much more extra-terrestrial locations, this is an alien invasion after all.

    War isn’t cheap and the struggle for mankind’s survival is no exception players can mine clusters of harvestable material that acts as both energy source and many times tougher than alloy metals. The mission ends when one of several objectives are reached such as eliminating the enemies in the area, collecting enough resources, outlasting enemy waves, or destroying a particular type of enemy.