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Damocles VR Devlog #4: Brick By Brick – The Defense System

by | Jul 4, 2020 | Damocles, Devlog

    Welcome the 4th dev log for Damocles VR, a FPS Tower Defense set during an alien invasion. This week we’ll be talking about the Defense System which forms the bedrock of the player experience in Damocles VR as it acts both as the primary means of survival as well as the offensive arm of the player. The base you establish is your eye in the storm of alien onslaught that will be impossible to survive without the safety granted from the walls and weapons that you deploy while operating your SWRD deep behind enemy lines to wreak havoc and gather resources.

    When SWRDs are deployed to the field they arrive in a high altitude drop pod that in addition to their means of rapid deployment is also the high frequency Control Antenna in which they are remotely operated through. Control Antennas are heavily armored and drill into the Earth’s crust to prevent easy dislodgement, this provides the power network in which all automated defenses are based upon through a series of fiber connections that travel underground, there isn’t much that can block their path. It is of paramount importance that you defend your Control Antenna at all costs as it’s destruction will sever the vital link between operator and SWRD leaving them a lifeless husk. 

    To supplement the heavy armor of the Control Antenna is a slew of defenses that range from simple concrete walls to high powered weapons that provide active deterrent against any threat to the Control Antenna. Defenses are ordered by players using the left arm mounted UI HUD, this notifies orbital and earth-bound factories to deploy drones to drop the requisite building block to begin the automated construction of the defense item in question. Simpler items such as concrete walls take almost no setup and deploy almost instantaneously whereas more complex items such as turrets or more passive means of defense such as landmines take some time to unpack and become active. 

    SWRDS come with a small complement of resources in each deployment and must undertake mining operations of alien crystals in each area of operation to further fund development of their defense. Players will deploy mining rigs that will extract as much of the mineral as possible which will be launched periodically to be collected and deposited into the player’s resource pool. Enemies naturally congregate around crystal formations as they use it as a form of sustenance and energy, jealously guarding it. Any mining rigs deployed by the player will be attacked and destroyed by enemies so placing defensive emplacements will be critical for ensuring your economy remains intact to continue the resistance.

Happy 4th of July to those that celebrate the holidays and stay safe out there!