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Damocles VR Devlog #5: Safety Not Guaranteed – The Weapon System

by | Jul 11, 2020 | Damocles, Devlog

    Welcome the 5th dev log for Damocles VR, a FPS Tower Defense set during an alien invasion. This week we’ll be talking about the Weapon System which consists of a small army’s worth of weapons that your SWRD carries on it’s back on every mission on the Topside. 

    When deployed to a combat zone every SWRD is armed with 2 main weapons such as rifles, man-portable rocket launchers, machine guns, or other heavy weapons of war on their back. In addition to this they carry a set of two secondary weapons such as pistols, submachine guns, melee weapons, or utility items that don’t have a direct offensive purpose on the hips. Utility items include but aren’t limited to ultra-portable shield generators, vehicle deployments, or small turret systems to create ad hoc defensive lines. Players will also be able to carry a small number of throwables like explosive grenades, smoke grenades, stun grenades, and limited number items. 

    Bristling with weapons, SWRDs are essentially walking arsenals and given the nature of the task operating deep behind enemy lines, they are required to be totally self-sufficient when it comes to operating and replenishing their munition supplies. This means that it is possible with careful shot placement and judicial weapon use to go an entire operation without resupply but given the intractable situation most SWRD operators put their weapon platforms through SWRDs can deploy resupply stations to manufacture their current munition loadout. Some weapons such as melee weapons or energy based weapons require no resupply but instead rely on self-charge systems to top off their use. However they are usually limited by the number of shots they can make to ensure the systems do not overheat.

    Weapons loadouts are managed in the Armory back at the Bunker where players can equip their SWRD with a variety of weapons in the 4 slots provided, swap out tertiary items like grenades, and examine weapons to determine which suits their particular combat style. Greater advancements can be unlocked in the Lab as well as new weapons. Every weapon will come with a set of trade-offs or special functionality to help fit into a specific niche to differentiate like weapons, two SMGs may have two totally different use-cases. One may be a high capacity, low damage, high rate of fire designed for ultra-close combat with a rapid loss of accuracy at range where the second SMG may fire larger caliber rounds, have a much slower rate of fire, but a higher level of precision at a longer range with a modest magazine size fulfilling two different roles for essentially the same slots. It would be possible to mix and match weapons using these slots to give more versatility at the expense of doing something really well.

    There’s more to talk about the weapon system that I’d like to talk about in future blog posts including but this covers the basic tenets of Damocles VR‘s weapon system and forms the bedrock of the more esoteric and interesting weapons, and hopefully gives a better idea of the direction I’d like to take.