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Damocles VR Update #2

by | Jul 4, 2020 | Damocles, Update

     Happy 4th of July to those that celebrate, in this update I’ll be detailing the work accomplished over the last two weeks. With the scene setup and the arm UI in-place we’ve been working hard on implementing the basics of the Defense System, which detailed in this week’s devlog you can read over here. The Defense System forms the backbone of the experience in Damocles VR, it’s where you find refuge from the onslaught of enemies that will barrel toward you in each mission. When done it’ll compose of active and passive defenses but every system has to start somewhere and that somewhere is the venerable wall. This stalwart of your arsenal will ensure that you stay not dead and bad guys stay on the other side. They’re cheap, quick to build, and easy to setup. At the moment I’m envisioning a snappable system so that you can quickly snap together sections of wall but that may change in the future. You can catch a glimpse of what I’m working on below, it’s a little rough at the moment but I’m hoping to have some videos up soon of it in action. A lot of the work currently going on is implementing the background core logic with how the piece of the Defense System interact with one another, as well as getting the feeling of calling up pieces using the arm-mounted HUD.

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These walls are placeholder at the moment but the core idea is that you’ll build a perimeter to protect vital assets like Control Antenna.

     Additionally these past two weeks I’ve been working on implementing the first turret to the game, I’m sure the style will change with time but I’d like one of the first turrets a player deploys is a machine gun turret. This will be a bread and butter defense unit as it will provide ample range, decent rate of fire, and good damage. This will compose of the more active defenses you can call upon to defend your base and complements the wall very well, watching them fire in VR has been a real joy and still hasn’t gotten old despite seeing it a few hundred times already. I’m still tweaking some of the variables such as particle effects and the tracking logic. Getting this right now is important because it will drive all of the logic of the turrets that follow and making it as modular as possible will mean that I can create a ton of vareities in the future with very few changes. You can see the turret below and as mentioned in my first update these assets can all be found on GameDevHQ’s Filebase which has been supremely helpful in making the asset hunt really less of a pain, really can’t express how wonderful they’ve been as a resource.

BRRRRRT. Once I get the tracking logic right I’ll show them off in action.

     There’s been other work going on in the background also related to enemies but I’m not quite ready to share those just yet. I’m working pretty heavily with a procedural animation system using FastIK but I haven’t quite gotten my head wrapped around it. I’m making pretty steady progress and I may even post a tutorial on how I did it as the current resources on the web while helpful aren’t really geared to hand-hold those who haven’t done it before. In any case it should be really something to look at when done. Thanks for reading and take care.